I am a visual artist with focus on painting and sculpting. Before my studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, I trained myself in various disciplines as an autodidact. In my paintings I strive to illuminate and explore the structure and constituents of space and how it manifests itself to us in its visual form.


WORK 2019



Born 1998 in Salzburg, lives and works in Vienna and Salzburg, AUT


Seit 2019  BA Art and Communication Practice, University of Applied Arts Vienna, VIENNA, AUT
Seit 2019  BA Design, Material Culture and Experimental Practice, University of Applied Arts Vienna, VIENNA, AUT
2018  International Summeracademy of Fine Arts, Class of Caroline Achaintre, SALZBURG, AUT


15.05-30.05 2021 Red Carpet Award Showroom Volkstheater, Vienna, AUT

2020  Best of Kunst am Zaun, Lichtraum eins by Paul Siblik, VIENNA, AUT
2020  Young Art Auction by Artcare, VIENNA, AUT 
2020  Kunst am Zaun, Börsepark, VIENNA, AUT
2020  Art For A Better World, Kollegienkirche, SALZBURG, AUT
  Das Vinylwohnzimmer, Bulb Community, VIENNA, AUT 
2020  Kunst zu Recht, Zeitgenössische Kunst im Justizzentrum Mitte, VIENNA, AUT 
2020  Human by Design, MAK, VIENNA, AUT
2018  Open Studios, Summeracademy, SALZBURG, AUT



2018  For International Summeracademy of Fine Arts, Land Salzburg/Kulturabteilung, SALZBURG, AUT